June 2, 2010

Ray Stevens: The We The People Album, Part 5...

Hello all Ray Stevens fans!! The success of We The People continues as the physical CD has rebounded on Amazon's hourly sales rankings. While the collection has remained a solid Top-100 entry since becoming available on Amazon his appearance June 1st on Fox News caused the already popular collection to soar back into the Top-10 among top selling country CD's. Even more impressive is the CD breaking into the pop music list...as of this writing it's among the 50 best-selling pop music CD's this hour. Checking the Mp3 version of the CD it shows that Ray's in the Top-5 among comedy releases and among the Top-50 in country releases. Now, don't forget, when people purchase the CD version they also get a bonus DVD of four music videos. Potential buyers keep in mind that this collection was released a month before "Come to the USA" was uploaded onto You Tube and so it isn't part of the bonus DVD. "Come to the USA" to my knowledge wasn't going to be a single but the illegal immigration topic became such a major news item that a music video of the song became such an obvious choice. The music video was uploaded on May 13 and as of this writing it's obtained 1,964,479 hits. The music video's on the bonus DVD are: "We The People", "Caribou Barbie", "Throw the Bums Out!", and "Thank You".

One of the things that most of you may be aware of is the misrepresentation that "Come to the USA" often gets from johnny-come-lately critics and bloggers who aren't really interested in factual reports but are instead mostly interested in generating traffic for their web-site or stirring up anger. One blogger, or writer, depending on how one thinks of theirself, didn't remark that Ray Stevens is a country-pop singer or a country comedy singer or a novelty singer. No, one of these writers out there called Ray a "controversial singer". That's the first time I'd ever seen that label attached to Ray Stevens...of all people. He may make certain segments of a political viewpoint sick to their stomach but by no means does that make him "controversial". Ray's latest songs spark debate, of course...but he's only "controversial" in the eyes of those who disagree with him and the more success he has with his political music videos the angrier the opposition becomes. Whenever a blogger or music critic decides to label Ray Stevens, of all people, as "controversial" it actually can be seen as an indirect political statement on their part.

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