June 7, 2010

Ray Stevens 1995 home video Documentary...

This home video was released 15 years ago when Ray Stevens had just released his direct-to-video movie, GET SERIOUS. The movie itself was sold through direct mail originally, in the late summer/fall of 1995, and it sold several hundred thousand copies in the process and then it was released to retail stores late in 1996. The movie became a Top-5 best seller on Billboard's video chart. This home video takes you backstage and gives a person a glimpse into how the movie was made. Ray narrates the documentary and runs through a list of people involved...several scenes are shot inside Ray's office. On a counter behind him in his office are a row of Music City News awards. Those awards were voted on by the fans of country music/readers of Music City News and Ray won 10 awards as Comedian of the Year from 1986 through 1994. Along the way there's footage of bloopers...those are abundant throughout...and we have comical snippets of Ray's co-stars and stage crew offering their comical opinion of Ray as it relates to the question: Is Ray Stevens guilty? This question is asked because the movie is all about Ray being on the run from the law...in addition to being accused of being politically incorrect by a fictional record executive whose launched an all-out public relations war on Ray for showing him up and refusing to "get serious".

The mystery behind the Three Legged Chickens are explored in this home video and we're shown how they were designed and put together. The dungeon wall and the actors playing in that scene are highlighted. The movie director, Rod Thompson, is featured at various times throughout the documentary as are Ray's brother, John Ragsdale, and Ray's co-writer friend, Buddy Kalb. Toward the end of the documentary Ray gives his views on political correctness circa 1995. Thankfully his thoughts on that matter haven't changed over the last 15 years.

This is by no means a thorough description of this home video but I wanted to highlight just a few things from it for those who come across this home video on-line. It's a must-have for fans of Ray Stevens that's for sure!

The movie was shot throughout 1994 and according to Ray's narration the editing process began in January 1995 and the finished project wasn't released until the summer of 1995. Those familiar with the movie will get a kick out of this behind the scenes documentary. The official title of this home video is Ray Stevens Made a Movie?? Get Serious!!

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