June 8, 2010

The New Ray Stevens CD...

Hello Ray Stevens fans! Although this material has been available on-line since mid April the We The People CD officially goes on sale today on Amazon, citing just one on-line store of course. I had openly expressed puzzlement a few blogs ago when I wondered why the CD hadn't charted on any of the various Billboard music charts...given how popular the CD is with on-line consumers. I then wondered if it's because the CD's official release day isn't until today, June 8th. We shall see next week when the charts are updated on-line. If this CD doesn't show up on any weekly album chart then there's something suspicious going on in my opinion. I say that given how popular the CD was with pre-orders and how much notoriety it's gotten among bloggers and other on-line resources that if it doesn't hit the charts as a result of it's sales and exposure then we can all come to our own conclusions why it didn't. As far as Amazon goes it's been charted on their best selling list for country CD's a total of 24 days which works out to 3 weeks and 3 days: 21 days is 3 weeks plus 3 more days equals 24. As of this hour the CD is ranked #11 among country music CD's. The Mp3's official release isn't until a week from today, June 15th, even though customers have been able to purchase the digital download CD for awhile, too. I'm not holding my breath when it comes to the national charts, though, because earlier in the year when Ray's "We The People" Mp3 single was released to coincide with the music video, the digital single reached the Top-5 on Amazon's various best seller lists but yet it never entered any of Billboard's digital charts...so I hope nobody gets disappointed if Ray's full-length CD doesn't rank in the national music charts but I'm hoping that it will.

The "We The People" music video continues to gather hits as it now sits at 3.2 million. The specifics are 3,207,718! "Come to the USA" is also close to another milestone. It's at 2,294,517 well on it's way to 2.3 million hits. This music video is 5 days shy of being just a month old.

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