November 18, 2010

Ray Stevens and ObamaCare...One Year Later...

It was around this time one year ago that Ray Stevens emerged with the ObamaCare song, "We The People". The news of the song was released in November of 2009 and this ultimately led to an Mp3 availability not long afterward. The breakthrough came in December when a music video was released on You Tube and then a CD single and Mp3 became available on Amazon and other on-line music stores. The music video quickly obtained over a million hits by the end of December and during the next two months of early 2010 the video steadily continued to climb. The sensation crossed over into the blogs and cable TV...appearances on a variety of radio and TV programs followed. Given that the song has a political overtone...speaking out against's to nobody's surprise that the radio and TV programs requesting Ray as a guest were by and large conservative programs. The lone exception was The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel which gives a forum to all opinions. Ray appeared on that particular program a second time, later in 2010, when "Come to the USA" hit.

The fact that Ray's song was embraced by various Tea Party groups and that it was publicized on various Fox News programs gave the political left-leaning blogs and pundits ammunition(?) to marginalize the music video's success and the song's message, too. Throughout the early half of 2010 the "We The People" music video, and Ray Stevens in particular, were vilified by the political left to such extremes that those who'd never even heard of Ray Stevens before were following the lead of various high-ranking liberal blog sites and taking pot-shots at him. The attacks and smear tactics were something new to this Ray Stevens fan. I had never experienced reading awful things being written about my favorite singer before.

I had always knew that not everyone's a fan of Ray but I hadn't really read anything too sinister from non-fans until I saw the comments on-line pertaining to "We The People". Prior to the release of this song the only times I had read anything borderline negative about Ray were by those hyper-sensitive political correct advocates...and given their position on life their criticisms weren't a surprise. But those criticisms pale in comparison to the vilification that came on the heels of "We The People"...and to a large extent that vilification from left-leaning bloggers continues.

Now, following the release of "We The People", Ray gave us a variety of songs aimed at specific aspects of the sociopolitical spectrum. "Caribou Barbie" is a Pro-Sarah Palin song which has fun with her public image; "Throw the Bums Out!" is a more pointed commentary on the heels of ObamaCare being signed into law; "Come to the USA" takes on illegal immigration; "The Global Warming Song" pokes fun at environmentalist extremists; and "God Save Arizona" takes on the Federal Government's stance on illegal immigration and it's lawsuit against the State of Arizona.

Following the November 2010 mid-term elections there was a seismic power shift in the House of Representatives and a modest power shift in the Senate. Republicans gained even more seats in the Senate while in the House they gained a large majority. I don't have the official numbers in front of me. The sentiments/views expressed in the series of topical Ray Stevens music videos proved to the naysayers that Ray really is speaking to the majority of the general public. We, the fans, never really needed any convincing, though...but it's wonderful to see a national midterm election turn out the way we all had hoped and anticipated.

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