November 7, 2010

The Ray Stevens Web-Site...have you visited it Yet??

At the start of this particular blog entry there's 90 minutes left until NFL football kicks off at 1pm Eastern time...watching football on Sunday is something I've did for years and something I'll always do each Sunday during the season. Something else that I've been active in for a number of years is the official message board at Ray's web-site. You can find the message board here at Ray's official web-site. The message board is titled "Web Board" up in the top right hand side of the page. The official title of the board is "The Piano Room". There's bound to be some topics that'll perk anyone's interest. As far as message boards go there's much more reading that goes on and once you visit the site you'll understand what I mean right away.

Even though there's a message board the majority of the traffic, I assume, visits the site to either shop at his web-site store or read the latest news headline(s) and they probably don't even think to visit the message board area. Those who do happen to visit the message board read the messages but seldom make comments. This is evidenced by the fact that a lot of topics have hundreds of hits but fall short of that total in actual replies.

His web-site is free to join by the way. The only things that cost money is the Ray Stevens Backstage feature and, of course, the items for sale at his web-site store. Aside from those two exceptions everything else about the site is free.

I often encourage people to visit Ray's web-site because it's one of the only places where you'll find all of the up to date information about Ray. Those who visited his web-site were aware of his Branson, Missouri concerts in advance. Those who visit his site are informed about the latest music releases and video releases. Those of you who are fans of his and haven't visited his site owe yourselves to check it out and check the message board, too.

Have any of you visited his web-site yet?? If not, what's the delay?? You can visit it here.

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