June 26, 2011

Ray Stevens: Look Back at 8-track, Chapter Three...

The 8-track version of Shriner's Convention comes up for sale a lot on-line. I know of nobody personally who has an 8-track player anymore but I'm sure some people out there still have one. A few of the mainstay's of flea markets are 8-tracks, vinyl albums, and record players. There's never been a flea market yet which doesn't offer at least one of those items. Those familiar with 8-tracks can perhaps explain the reason behind the inclusion of the song "The Last Laugh" twice. As you'll see on the back of the 8-track the song is listed twice. I assume this is because the company wanted an even amount of songs...and considering "The Last Laugh" is the shortest one of the bunch it's the one that got picked as a duplicate but that's just my guess. Perhaps they made a mistake and listed the song twice? As I've written about before...I've got the vinyl album and the cassette version of Shriner's Convention. It officially has 9 songs on it but the duplicate on the 8-track gives it 10. There was once a time when it was hard to find a vinyl copy...the cassette copy is even harder to find. I came across a vinyl copy on a web-page years ago and the price was right and so I sent off for it. A couple of years ago, out of the blue, a cassette copy became available on eBay. I bought it right away! I am always interested in finding cassette tape from the late '70s and early '80s of my favorite singers. I'd love to find cassette versions of One More Last Chance, Don't Laugh Now, and Me. I've got them on vinyl but the completest side of my brain would like to have the cassette releases, too. "The Last Laugh" and "Coin Machine" trade places depending on which format you own: the cassette has "The Last Laugh" closing out the collection while the vinyl has "Coin Machine" as the album's closer.


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