August 12, 2011

Ray Stevens and Obama Money, Part 13...

Ray Stevens Spirit of '76 collection is ranked at #86 in sales on Amazon's Comedy CD list. The CD collection officially went on sale on Amazon this past Tuesday (August 9) where it had been on pre-order for a couple of months. The Mp3 digital download, however, had been available since April of this year so a lot of the more die-hard fans of Ray Stevens already had the collection on their computer's music program long before it went on sale in CD format. Some use Windows Media Player, some use Real player, some have their music sent to their Itunes library to hear the audio files they purchase. The "Obama Budget Plan" has 511,281 on-line views! With the video having over half a million views it allows it to join the ranks of several other videos that Ray's released on You Tube which have gotten half a million views and higher. The insipid budget plan that was signed by Obama recently has temporarily pushed the budget topic off to the sidelines but it'll be a hot topic once again. The economy will always be a priority...and with the economy in poor condition and unemployment still well over 10% nationally...the debt, deficit, and budget isn't too far off the radar.

That unemployment percentage I gave includes those who've stopped looking for work or are working part-time in low paying jobs or whose jobless benefits have ran out and therefore are no longer counted as "unemployed" given that they no longer can make a weekly or bi-weekly unemployment claim. When the jobs numbers come out and whenever there's a drop in unemployment it's not wise to foolishly believe it's because companies are hiring again. A lot of factors have to be weighed in before one reaches the conclusion that companies are hiring again. Chances are people are being dropped off the unemployment registry because they've reached a benefit deadline and are no longer able to draw unemployment.

In the latest attempt to divide people, Obama apparently is now going down the "let's all get along" route due to his realization that it's potentially the only way he can salvage his presidency. I don't know of anyone who'll fall for the scheme but I'll bet some out there (the absolute clueless) will feel empathy. His most recent sound-byte revolves around him bemoaning the political structure that's been in place for decades upon decades. All of the sudden when it looks as if he's starting to come across as vulnerable in the eyes of Independent voters the time has apparently come for the White House to kick start a divisive dialogue that places America's political landscape as being broken and in their opinion Obama's the right person to fix it.

Nothing's wrong with America's politics, Mr. President...but I feel there's something fundamentally wrong with you.

Obama's been in office since January's August 2011...he can't separate himself from what's taken place since he's became President. He and his campaign workers will no doubt try and spin his presidency as being a victim of a broken political system but the facts still remain that he's the President and it's his party which controls the Senate and up until January 2011 they also controlled the House of Representatives. Obama's Administration will no doubt use the Republican controlled House as a scapegoat and perhaps use it as a divisive tool but that doesn't erase the facts of what decisions and policies have been put in place since January 2009. Does he think that the American voters in 2012 are going to be dumb enough to believe that a Republican controlled House is responsible for things that took place prior to their arrival in Congress in 2010?!? Maybe he and his Administration thinks the voters have short-term memories?

The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress dating back to the middle of last decade. The smart and informed voters aren't going to fall victim to the "there's something wrong with America's politics" argument. The informed, smart voters will see that for what is: Nothing more than a campaign tool of which the desired result is to have people arguing over political discourse and spend less time fuming over Obama's policies and decisions. In other words, Obama would love it if the voters would just ignore the turmoil and problems going on and ignore the policies that he's responsible for and simply turn off all the politics and vote for him again for old time's sake. He won't be able to re-create a 2008 euphoria but apparently he feels if he can sour people on politics they'll ignore what's going on in Washington and as a result be ignorant to his unpopular policies. You see, if you're uninformed and, to put it bluntly, ignorant, you won't realize the damage and financial destruction that his Administration has heaped upon the country. Then, in theory, once an electorate is ignorant or is soured on politics Obama can act as a savior bent on "fixing" America's politics (for the better?) and the voters will cheer him on as a savior, prophet, God, messiah, etc.

So, for now, it looks as if he and his Administration (and the mainstream news media) are going to invent a problem (political discourse) and project it as some sort of social crisis and Obama will come riding to the rescue.

It says a lot about an Administration when they have to either invent a crisis or find a mundane topic and twist it into something vital in an effort to create potential positive publicity when a President's own record will do more harm than good.

If anyone reading this can't see this latest scheme for what it is then you're exactly who the Obama Administration is catering to.

My message to whoever gets the Republican nomination for President is to continue to rub Obama's nose in his own failures and make him defend his policies. When voters or candidates look at the facts it's a slam-dunk win for any Republican. As it's been said over and over and over Obama's the worst President since Jimmy Carter. Carter's time in office is strikingly similar to Obama: both had issues with oil companies and the oil business in general, there were high gas prices (cheap compared to 2011), high unemployment, big Government expansion, and massive entitlement incentives. Those who said Carter had personal charm were probably correct...but all the charm and all the talking couldn't get him re-elected in 1980. This same thing can happen in 2012...all the charm(?) and brow-beating that Obama revels in won't get him re-elected if the Republican nominee points out every single fault of Obama and points out all the negatives that happened since he took office in 2009.

Common sense and facts must win out over charisma, smooth talk, and mile wide grins. With a few exceptions the voters threw a lot of the bums out of Washington in 2010...but more work is needed in the Senate since a lot of those members will be up for re-election in 2012. In November 2012 it'll once again be time to "Throw the Bums Out!" as Ray Stevens suggests in this music video...

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