August 28, 2011

Revisiting Ray Stevens, Part 8...

Good Sunday afternoon! As August winds down it'll soon be September, of course, and in case you all hadn't stopped by I'm here to inform everyone that Ray Stevens' web-site has gotten a major overhaul as far as the design is concerned. Here's the link to the New Web Page. It's still but for those who frequently visited the site you'll notice the design change immediately. One of the additions to the page is what they're calling "Ray TV". This section of the site contains all of the music videos that he's uploaded onto You Tube over the last 2 years. This allows people to watch his videos on his own web-site without actually having to visit his You Tube channel. Another change is the Twitter feed. On the former web-page the tweets would be live and any tweet that mentioned 'Ray Stevens' would be visible on the Twitter feed. However, on the new page, only the recent tweets from Ray's account are shown. From the looks of it the Twitter box will feature just 4 updates at a time.

The Ray Stevens web-store has also been revamped. Also, it may just be my imagination, but it looks as if a lot of items that once were for sale are now unavailable. The background, which used to be a light blue, is now white which makes the lettering and graphics stand out a lot more and it makes things look sharp and more crisp. There are multiple tabs, just like on the previous web-page, indicating the various sections of the site. The tabs at his site are:

Home, About, News, Events, Ray TV, Music, and Store.

Obviously, "Store" is where you purchase his items. "Events" is the new tab name for the previously named "Tour" which lists the concerts Ray will be giving this year. The section will also, I assume, be used to promote TV or radio interviews that he'll participate in next year. Ray has four concerts scheduled for later this year...1 in October and 3 in November. Two of those November concerts will take place up in Canada. He is scheduled to appear in Florida in February 2012. When you visit his web-page and click "Events" you'll be able to see a more detailed over-view of where he'll be appearing. The home page contains a big banner advertising his current CD, Spirit of '76. Later this year he is suppose to release the much-anticipated novelty/comedy song salute which will feature at least 100 songs. The Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music should be available soon. No release date's been announced but in a recent interview Ray listed quite a few songs that he recorded that'll be on the collection. Among those mentioned were "Mairzy Doats", "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah", "Haunted House", and "Dang Me" just to name a few. He's re-recorded a few of his own songs for this collection, too. In other interviews he mentioned "Open the Door, Richard", "Three Little Fishes", and "The King is Gone and So Are You" as songs that'll be on the Encyclopedia.

The current view count for the "Obama Budget Plan" music video is 584,041.

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