August 19, 2011

Ray Stevens and Obama Money, Part 14...

A couple of days ago Country Weekly published a brief review of the current Ray Stevens CD, Spirit of '76. The review can be found here. The review is positive...rating the CD 3 and a half out of 4 stars. The review mentions three songs from the CD and it mentions Ray's You Tube success. The on-line review also includes an embedded video of "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore", also known as the TSA song. Also, there's a link to purchase the digital download at either Amazon or Itunes. I highly recommend it! This Spirit of '76 is a companion piece to the collection he put out last year, We The People. That collection features 22 songs and the current one features 11 songs.

The "Obama Budget Plan", the current video, sits with 547,380 views so far. Ray's video from last year about illegal immigration, "Come to the U.S.A.", is mentioned in the review as is "Mi Casa Su Casa"...which is a further tale of illegal immigration found on the Spirit of '76 CD.

Expect the topic of illegal immigration to heat up again as Obama and company (Department of Justice and Homeland Security) enact shades of the proposed Dream Act. The plan is to offer amnesty to all illegal immigrants...turning a blind eye to the obvious fact that they're here illegally. Obviously this plan is part of Obama's re-election campaign. You don't need 10 years in college to figure out Obama's agenda and strategies.

It seems as if the Democrats care more and more about shoring up votes than seriously trying to solve the country's problems. Is it any wonder why Obama's really never been off the campaign trail? In my opinion and probably the opinions of millions of others the President is an arrogant, vain, out of touch, incompetent man-child whose answer to everything is blame this and blame that but never can the blame, in his mind, be put on him. It must be nice being the President for nearly 3 years but feel entirely blameless and fail to see that your policies are the result of this dismal atmosphere in America and overseas.

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