November 6, 2012

Ray Stevens and the politics of Humor, Part 2...

The day is finally here...Election Day 2012...anyone anxious, nervous, worried, cautious, optimistic, pessimistic? The latest Ray Stevens on-line video, "Grandpa Voted Democrat", is nearing the 100,000 plateau as I write this blog entry! The most recent unique view total is 91,294.

On this day I decided to provide links to several of Ray's music video releases as well as couple of digital downloads as a sort of last minute reminder of why I feel Obama and those in Congress who follow his lead need voted out of office since a lot of them are up for re-election.

We The People

Mr. President - Mr. President

Obama Budget Plan

Obama Nation

Cap'n Trade the Pirate Mp3

New Normal Mp3 "New Normal" is a song that predicts a bleak future should Obama get tells of a homeless guy who fell victim to what's popularly referred to as the 'new normal' when it comes to the economy and the general acceptance by those in charge that the economy will never see the kinds of growth it did during much of the '90s and early 2000's. "Cap'n Trade the Pirate" is simply too irresistible to leave on the CD without much fanfare. It should've become a music video...maybe it will in 2013...but the song is about Obama and many of the left-wing radicals and the diabolical cap and trade energy concept.

Lastly, I decided to post a link to Ray's latest music video...

Grandpa Voted Democrat

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