November 6, 2012

Ray Stevens and the politics of Humor, Part Three...

I came across a new interview from Ray Stevens a few minutes ago while looking through Twitter updates. The interview is located Here and it's from Ray's asked about political issues but there's also questions about his earliest recordings, the 9-CD Encyclopedia project from earlier this year, and an upcoming project of cover songs done up in Bluegrass fashion that I can't wait to hear!

In the meantime, "Grandpa Voted Democrat" looks as if it'll reach 100,000 views by day's end for at this point in time the latest total number of views are 93,952...knocking on the door of 94, this pace it may reach the 100,000 mark later this afternoon or evening. I'm hoping this will not be an election that'll be dragged out for hours upon hours...but pundits and commentators are all predicting that nobody will know who the President will be until the overnight hours or later. I certainly hope it's more quicker than that!

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