November 5, 2012

Ray Stevens and the politics of Humor...

I was debating whether or not to call this blog entry Ray Stevens and the politics of Humor or Ray Stevens and the humor of Politics. I decided to go with the former rather than the latter because I don't particularly find politics to be funny...but there are many ways to find humor within politics and that's what Ray's been doing the last three years. It all started in late November 2009 with the release of "We The People", a song that criticized the ObamaCare bill which hadn't been signed into law at that point. A music video emerged soon after in December 2009 on You Tube...and from that point forward Ray's mostly been issuing politically oriented music and videos. A 2010 CD/Mp3 release, We The People, arrived in the summer of 2010. Several music videos were put together from songs on the 2010 project...a project that features 22 songs.

Earlier this year Ray issued a book titled Let's Get Political which features political essays written by both Ray and his songwriter/business associate, Buddy Kalb. The book also contains the lyrics to all the songs on both his 2010 and 2011 projects. Unfortunately the book was never publicized too heavily and is mostly known to those who either visit this blog on a frequent basis or visit Ray's web-store and are familiar with their items. It isn't a book in the traditional sense where there's hundreds or thousands of pages and a million's much like a standard 75-80 page paperback book one might pick up and read in one sitting in the waiting room at a hospital or in the lobby of an airport. The book's pages aren't numbered, though. His latest release, "Grandpa Voted Democrat", tells the story of how collecting the names of people no longer living were being used in numerous voter fraud scandals. If one looks at the song's title you'd think it would be a song about how a grandfather's staunch political views but when you hear the song you'll learn about this bizarre chain of events that saw a grandfather "vote" Democrat.

The Grandpa Voted Democrat Mp3 is available at Ray's web-store for 99 cents. As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, the song comes from Spirit of '76 and it, too, can also be purchased in Mp3 format for those who don't want to have a CD copy. The songs from the 2011 CD that hadn't been made into music videos are: "Mi Casa Su Casa", "Cap'n Trade the Pirate", "News Machine", "November Storm", and "New Normal". The CD has 11 songs and so, of course, that means 6 of the 11 have been released on-line as music videos: "God Save Arizona", "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore", "Obama Budget Plan", "Mr. President - Mr. President", "Obama Nation", and the just released "Grandpa Voted Democrat".

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