November 3, 2012

Ray Stevens: Grandpa Voted Democrat...

Good Saturday evening Ray Stevens fans! As I was putting together the previous blog entry about his 1980 comedy album, Ray released a brand new music video on You Tube. The video's been available for a little more than an hour...released on a Saturday evening no less...but it's gotten more than 300 unique views in it's short time on the internet and I'm sure it'll garner thousands upon thousands of views in the hours and days leading up to Election Day 2012 this Tuesday. The brand new video, "Grandpa Voted Democrat", is embedded below. The song comes from Ray's Spirit of '76 CD. Spread the video around as you would his other music video releases. The message in the video revisits a voter fraud scandal where names of deceased people were credited as legitimate voters in an effort to falsify an election result.

Ray opens the video speaking directly to the viewer about the importance of voting. There have been rumblings here and there that Obama supporters are possibly going to use a voter fraud accusation or other similar tactics and make it appear that voters were "disenfranchised" in some way, a word that's grossly over-used by Democrat operatives to cast suspicion on any election whose results are not to their liking.

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