December 12, 2012

A Blue Christmas with Ray Stevens...

Hello all the Ray Stevens fans out there! He's been busy behind the scenes, it appears, as we've gotten not one but two brand new music videos from Ray Stevens within the last 2 weeks. The videos are Christmas oriented and these two bring his total to four Christmas music videos at the moment. There is the classic from 1985, "Santa Claus Is Watching You", and then we have the wonderful "Nightmare Before Christmas" skewering political correctness from 2010, and then there's "White Christmas" from about a week and a half ago and that brings us to the comical recording of "Blue Christmas", released exclusively, at the moment, on The Boot web-page, a site affiliated with AOL.

An article posted yesterday, December 11th, on the Music News Nashville web-page promoting the brand new video can be found HERE but there is no link to the actual music video but it's a nice mention of it's availability and it includes a quote from Ray about the video.

The video of "Blue Christmas" can be found HERE. This link will take you to The Boot's site and the article there is a bit more lengthy than the one on the Music News Nashville site. The Boot's site includes a screen-cap from the music video while the article itself closes with an embed of the video. At the moment this video hasn't made it's way to You Tube yet and so The Boot is the only place to see it.

Ray had recorded a serious rendition of "Blue Christmas" and it can be found on his 2009 Ray Stevens Christmas CD but later on he did a comical rendition of the song that became available as part of an EP collection. That comical rendition has now made it's way into music video form. When you visit the web-store at Ray's web-site you'll see a Christmas note from the administrators informing fans and consumers that any orders made after December 20th will not be shipped until the first week of January due to the annual Christmas break at Ray's office. In order for shipments to arrive before Christmas they want you to order no later than December 17th.

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