December 24, 2012

Ray Stevens: The Merry Christmas video...

In the world of Ray Stevens we find that his "Merry Christmas" video has gained quite a few unique views since my previous blog entry. Yesterday I commented that the video had gotten more than 7,000 views and was sure to reach 10,000 rather quickly. Little did I know that my prediction would be met with more than 3 times as many unique views! Yes, as of now, "Merry Christmas" from Ray Stevens has 34,086 unique views. The video became available 2 days ago...technically a day and a half ago as the upload hit in the latter part of Saturday December 22nd. The only drawback, if you want to consider it as such, is the three other Christmas music videos that Ray emerged with: "White Christmas", "Blue Christmas", and "Redneck Christmas" have all collectively taken a back seat to "Merry Christmas". To date "White Christmas" has 7,187 unique views while the comical version of "Blue Christmas" has 4,974 and "Redneck Christmas" has 5,263. Interestingly, "Redneck Christmas" was released exclusively to a web-site much in the same way "Blue Christmas" originally was and so those two videos had experienced some on-line exposure prior to the unique views that have been accumulated since their being added to You Tube.

All of the unique views for the three videos adds up to 17,424. "Merry Christmas" with 34,086 at the moment means that it's obtained 16,662 more views than the other three videos combined. A lot of that has to do, I think, with the video being shared among the more religious blog sites and the fact that the song strikes an emotional chord in a way that a traditional Christmas song wouldn't. No matter how good a video or how good a vocal performance happens to be, "Merry Christmas" connects more on an emotional level and therefore it's obtained the most unique views by far. The other three music videos will certainly get their time in the spotlight but "Merry Christmas", for now, shines the brightest.   

Also, coincidentally or intentionally, three of the songs contain the colors on the American flag: Red, White, and Blue.

And yes, there was once a recording called "Green Christmas" and it was by Stan Freberg. I mention that just in case you're wondering if any other colors have been used in a title of a Christmas recording.

Let's summarize things...Ray's three new Christmas music videos have obtained 17,424 unique views in total while "Merry Christmas" has gotten 34,086. Enjoy all four of the new Christmas music videos but don't forget about the classic "Santa Claus Is Watching You" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas"! Six Christmas music videos of Ray Stevens entertainment altogether.

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