December 5, 2012

Ray Stevens: White Christmas music video...

Good Wednesday morning all the Ray Stevens fans!! Yesterday evening Ray uploaded a new music video, "White Christmas", that I didn't find out about until this morning. I was away from the computer yesterday evening. This rendition comes from the CD titled Ray Stevens Christmas that was issued in the winter of 2009. I'm almost near the end of the Golden LP Series that I've been writing and I've made my way up to the year 2008. I'll be talking about that 2009 Christmas album in a future blog entry but I wanted to create some awareness for the brand new music video. I'll also be embedding the music video once more in a future blog's the video...


  1. Mercy! Any idea who the three ladies are?

    1. I believe those are the same three who appear on several other music videos, specifically "Throw the Bums Out!". I know that Sabrina is on Ray's right hand side. The other women's names I don't know.


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