December 23, 2012

Ray Stevens sings "Merry Christmas": My Review!

Multifaceted/versatile, multi-talented, creative genius, comedic talent, political observer, singer-songwriter-musician-arranger-producer-music video many nicknames apply to the legendary Ray Stevens. In this Christmas season that we're right in the latter stages of the remarkable Ray Stevens has issued a socially provocative and all-too-true look into the now frowned upon tradition of wishing someone a "Merry Christmas" in favor of a generic 'happy holidays' or 'seasons greetings'.

The sentiments expressed in the song make it clear that people should have a right to choose how they celebrate the season but what's been happening is the eroding of the religious aspect of the holiday and how the phrase is, in essence, banned in favor of Happy Holidays, etc. etc.

In "Merry Christmas" Ray makes a constitutional point as well when he mentions that people are suppose to have the freedom of religion instead of the freedom from religion. The opening lines of the song tell you right away that we're going to hear a pro-Merry Christmas message from good ol' Ray Stevens.

It's a wonderful song!! You get a sense that Ray Stevens is perhaps the only artist willing enough to address issues of this magnitude and a lot of that probably has to do with the lighthearted and jovial way his music videos are put together and the overall feeling of "it's us against the loonies" found in a lot of the lyrics of his latter day recordings. I bet you all didn't think a song with the unassuming title of "Merry Christmas" would carry such a strong message. There are quite a few social issues brought to the forefront in this song and it's a real treat. It's a seasonal slice of goodness from Ray Stevens.

The video's become another hit and it's gotten more than 7,000 unique views in less than 24 hours. I imagine it'll reach the 10,000 level within the next couple of hours or by Monday. The messages in the song resonate with so many people, religious and otherwise, that it'll be surprising if it doesn't go beyond 10,000 unique views rather quickly. I've seen this song called "Merry Christmas- I Stand With Jesus" from various people on Twitter but the official video at Ray's You Tube channel doesn't provide such a title. The official song's title is "Merry Christmas" and that's the title I'll use in my blog writings and here is the official music video... 

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