December 18, 2012

Ray Stevens and a Christmas Medley...

We had some storms pass through on Monday afternoon and into the evening hours so I had my computer off. During my on-line hiatus I found out this morning that Ray made an appearance, yesterday morning, on a local television station in Tennessee, WZTV, and performed a medley of three Christmas songs. The link appears on Ray's official Facebook page and it's been liked and shared by quite a few already. The link became available at some point on Monday but I'm posting it here, of course, because this is a fan-created blog about Ray Stevens where all of his appearances and all of his music is held in high regard. Yesterday, December 17th, was the last day fans and shoppers in general could order items from Ray's web-store and ensure their arrival before Christmas. I'm sure local orders in and around Nashville, if ordered prior to December 19th, will arrive before Christmas but it's never a safe bet to assume such a thing during the hectic Christmas rush that takes place every year in the postal system. As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, the office staff at Ray's company will be on Christmas vacation from December 21st through the first of the year and if orders are placed at any time during that period you'll have to wait until the first week of 2013 before the orders are shipped out. Last minute shoppers and procrastinators, in general, shouldn't wait until the 20th of December to place an order if it's meant to be a Christmas gift. I'd say today, December 18th, would definitely be the last possible day fans in the greater Nashville area and it's vicinity could place an on-line order and have it arrive before Christmas. If you don't order on-line you can call their office and order by phone. Mail orders, though, take so much time to process which is why it's not the ideal ordering method to choose a week before Christmas.

Meanwhile, in the television appearance, Ray sings a medley of "White Christmas", the comical version of "Blue Christmas", and he finishes the upbeat appearance with "Redneck Christmas". Each song comes from three separate releases: "White Christmas" comes from the serious project titled Ray Stevens Christmas, the comical version of "Blue Christmas" comes from the EP special offer at Ray's web-store, and "Redneck Christmas" is a song from the classic Ray Stevens Christmas-Through a Different Window comedy project that you see in the picture above.

Enjoy the Ray Stevens Christmas Medley

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