March 5, 2015

Ray Stevens: Here We Go Again audio samples...

Hello to all the fans of Ray Stevens...a surprising video upload emerged on YouTube yesterday. I provided a link to the upload in my previous blog but today I'm going to embed the video. It's an audio sample of the 12 songs that appear on Ray's upcoming CD, Here We Go Again!. Ray uploaded this yesterday as a promo of the upcoming CD...featuring snippets of each recording. I listened to the audio samples...and you're all going to love them, I'm sure.

Isn't that great?? I can't wait to hear the songs in their entirety. Yes, you heard it for yourselves...that's Ray Stevens covering the Ray Charles classic "What'd I Say?"...and I can not wait to hear "You Didn't Build That" in it's entirety. "There Must Be a Pill for This", based on the audio, sounds like pure satire for all that cures ya.

I came across a short and to the point reaction on a certain social media site yesterday, though, from an obvious hater of novelty songs. I'm not going to highlight or quote the offending remarks but let's just say the comment is rude and callous.

There's also several trolls on YouTube that get a thrill out of insulting Ray's music, his fans, and his political beliefs. That's the reason I prefer embedding his videos rather than leaving a link. You can, of course, view an embedded video from right here on the blog page and therefore bypass any offending comments left by trolls and race-baiting creeps on the actual YouTube page.

I'll continue to be on alert for that kind of commentary and I'll pass it on to you all. My advice is for people to rate a troll's comments with a thumbs down...never give a troll a reaction, though, in comment form. Starting an argument and being disruptive is exactly the desire of a troll. So, like I mentioned, simply thumb down a negative comment on YouTube. Once the comment gathers enough negative response it's removed from the page.

Ray's video about Taylor Swift has risen to 54,698 unique views by the way. The numbers for Ray's music video have been experiencing some freezing over the last couple of hours. Usually this means that a video is getting an overwhelming amount of plays and it's difficult for YouTube to catch up and so there's a freeze put in place...even though unique views are still being counted. Once the freeze is lifted the updated unique view total is posted underneath the video. Yesterday Ray's video was stuck at 52,489 for most of the day. During the duration of my typing up this blog entry the video's stayed at 54,698...and so it might be frozen again.

As far as the CD is concerned Amazon has the upcoming CD listed as being available now on March 23rd instead of March 24th. This may be a typo because the Mp3 is still showing March 24th as release day. Perhaps the label wants CD orders to be shipped ahead of time and so the release date for CD's have been moved ahead one day? I'd prefer Amazon ship CD orders several days ahead of release day so those that purchased a CD can receive their product in the mail a day or so before or after it's officially released later this month. If the CD's release date reverts back to March 24th at some point today then it's all been a glitch in the system.

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