March 16, 2015

Ray Stevens: The Taylor Swift Music Video, entry 5...

On this early Monday morning I wonder exactly what this week holds in store for Ray Stevens. All of us now know that this coming Saturday (March 21st)  he'll be appearing at the Grand Ole Opry and then afterward he'll be signing copies of his upcoming CD. Once I learn of the schedule for Saturday night I'll blog about it. Given that the CD is to be released about a week from now I assume Ray is going to perform a song or two from the CD during his Opry appearance. I'm curious if Ray is going to appear on any talk programs this coming week or if he's going to wait until next week to start heavily promoting the CD.

Chances are he'll be performing "Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me" during his Opry appearance. You can see the music video above. A rise of 2,450 unique views from my previous blog entry puts the video's overall total at 69,043. Since the video is the CD's biggest garner of publicity, so far, it would make sense that he'd perform the song at the Opry. You may be thinking that I'm having my doubts if he'll perform it...but that's not the case...he's performed other songs at the Opry that some have labeled controversial (such as his political songs) and so I have no doubts that he'll perform this one, too, if he chooses. Yet, that's the key phrase... "if he chooses".

Maybe he'll choose to bypass performing the current hit and instead perform something else from the CD like "A Handshake Will Do", "Pickin' on the Chicken", "The Baptism of Stumpy Brown", or his cover of the Ray Charles hit "What'd I Say" (track 2 on the CD)...this would be more or less the common practice of sticking to songs that in theory might play better to a specific audience. Speaking of the Taylor video I don't know if a majority of the Opry's audience are going to recognize the various song titles being mentioned in the lyrics or if they're going to pick up on other subtle things Ray sings about (pertaining to Taylor) and if that happens to be the case the humor of the song may be lost on a lot of people in attendance...but I could very easily be wrong about that.

I recognized the titles of some of the Taylor songs mentioned in the lyrics but not being necessarily a devoted fan of hers or anything I wouldn't have recognized all of them, either, without the help of the music video pointing out each and every song title being referenced in the lyrics.

Nevertheless, I'll enjoy whatever he performs at the Opry this coming Saturday night.

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