March 18, 2015

Ray Stevens: Just 5 More Days...

Hello all...oh yes, there's just 5 more days until the release date of the upcoming Ray Stevens CD Here We Go Again!. I'm in my usual anxious, anticipatory, nervous mood just ahead of release day...I plan on posting several more blogs over the weekend and of course on Monday. I pre-ordered my copy of the CD on Amazon back in late February...I have no idea if pre-ordering ensures a CD being shipped in advance so it arrives on release day...but I have a feeling it doesn't.

In the past I've often gotten, surprisingly, a product on release day or a day later. I'm assuming this is because I pre-ordered the product well in advance and so my order was among the first to be shipped out. Then again, I've had experiences in the past of pre-ordering a product only to have others receive their item ahead of it's never a case of being "among the first" to pre-order something. Sometimes the locale of the customer plays a huge factor, too.

As you all may be aware, Ray has an upload on his YouTube channel previewing the songs on the CD. I played the clip just once...the audio clips are too lengthy (for me). That's the reason I hadn't embedded it too many times on my blog...not nearly as many times as the hit music video, "Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me". Speaking of the music's gotten an increase of 3,077 unique views since my previous blog entry. It's grand total so far is 72,120. It may vault into the 80,000 range over the weekend. The interesting thing is the music video hasn't gotten any sort of high profile publicity beyond some write-ups that have circulated on the internet publicizing the video's existence. The totals of the video rest pretty much entirely on video sharing and, to date, there's not been any outside influence...meaning there's been no publicity from any syndicated AM radio talk programs nor has he appeared on Fox News Channel nor has their been any on-air reference to the video's existence on that particular channel. It's only my opinion but I think the video could easily jump into the 100,000 range if it were to get some publicity on talk radio or be mentioned in an entertainment segment on the Fox News Channel's morning program. I believe the lack of that kind of publicity is the thing that's keeping the video from breaking out into that stratosphere. Then again, Ray may like the pace that the video's on. He can ride it's success a lot longer which can benefit the publicity of the CD in the long run.

Here's the product link from can pre-order the CD HERE and don't forget to listen to the Opry or attend the Opry in person this Saturday night March 21st...Ray Stevens is to be a special guest.

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