March 26, 2015

Ray Stevens: The Taylor Swift Music Video, entry 7...

Hello all!! Throughout the course of Tuesday and into Wednesday the latest CD from Ray Stevens fluctuated all over the Top-100 on Amazon's sales list. Also, there happened to be a couple of articles published on Ray that were shared on social media sites...the articles included links to the CD and the current music video was embedded in some of those articles, too.

One of the articles is posted on the Vintage Vinyl News site located  HERE.

The article that got the biggest amount of sharing originated on Billboard's SITE. This exposure no doubt led to the video's hike in unique views. The last blog entry I posted in which I reported on the video numbers (back on March 21st) the video had reached 78,041. Looking at the numbers at the moment there's been a leap to 93,509!! A total of 15,468 additional people seen "Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me" over the course of the last couple of days.

Since the video's gotten even more exposure than before the critics have also started to chime in with their negative points of view. Everything from "does he think this is funny??", to "he's still alive??", to "this is pathetic...insulting..." have come raining down on the video. As mentioned in previous blogs the reason I embed music videos is to avoid a direct link to a video's home page...because usually the home page of a video is filled with mean and hateful commentary (particularly true for the political comedy videos he did).

In the meantime...did any of you stumble upon my review of Ray's CD? I posted it yesterday and then I posted it over on Amazon. In case you didn't see it here's the AMAZON review. Currently there are 2 customer reviews...mine being one of them. Someone actually beat me to being the first customer review by a couple of hours. You can leave commentary or rate my customer review if you'd can also purchase the CD if you hadn't done so already. The Mp3 is also available, too! You can purchase it on Amazon by clicking HERE.

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