March 23, 2015

Ray Stevens: Here We Go Again! CD now available...

Hello all and a happy CD release day, too! Oh yes, the Ray Stevens CD that I've been blogging about the last couple of months is finally available for purchase starting today. It's been available for pre-order since late February but today is the official release day for Here We Go Again!, a 12 song CD.

I had gotten a surprise in my mailbox at the post article of mail had arrived from Clyde Records. I didn't remember ordering anything from Ray's store and so I opened up the small, padded envelope and I got a surprise...a signed copy of Ray's CD!! I've never received anything like that before!!

Although I already have an order put in for it on AMAZON (a pre-order from late February), could you imagine the baffled emotions racing through my mind as I opened up the envelope to see not only the CD but a message from Ray, too.

The message was inside a smaller envelope the was shipped inside the padded envelope and it sat underneath the CD and it explained the reason for my being sent a copy of the CD.

In case you're wondering I listened to the CD once...and I'll be listening to it more before I post my thoughts about it. This particular copy of the CD is going to be put away later on because of the autograph on the front. The one that arrives from Amazon is going to be the one I'll have sitting around amongst my other CD's. The copy I ordered on Amazon was shipped out earlier this morning from a facility in North Carolina and so it should arrive here by the end of the week.


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