March 1, 2015

Ray Stevens: Viral Video's Swift success...

As the calendar flips from February to March 2015 so do the unique views of the latest music video from Ray Stevens, "Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me". The video's numbers at the time of my previous blog entry had the video ith a little over 40,000 unique views. Less than 2 days later and the video's obtained more than 5,000 additional discoveries. The current number is 45,497. By the time this blog post goes live on the internet the total number of unique views should place it in the 45,500 - 46,000 range.

In case you have no idea of the video I'm referring to, here it is for you all to enjoy...

As you'll see once you click the video's play button the action takes place inside a fictional asylum...and so right off the bat you're fully aware that the character Ray's playing isn't among the rational or the sane. There are plenty of catchy lyrics...particularly those being sung by the choir of nurses. If you're familiar at all with Ray's videos you certainly have to be familiar with the faces of the women that play the nurses. I've never found out the names of the 2 dark haired women but the blond one is Sabrina...she's appeared in nearly all of Ray's music videos from 2009 to the present.

The video's experienced some swift success over the course of the last several days but, to date, Ray hasn't made any statements or given any interviews since the video's debut several days ago.

The video hit on February 24th...late in the afternoon...more closer to evening...and so it hasn't been on-line for a full week yet.

It's anyone's guess if Ray is going to make any kind of radio or TV appearances to promote the video or if he's content on the success it's having without the added publicity of interviews and television appearances. There have been a couple of news items that have been floating around the internet since February 24th...including an official statement promoting the upcoming CD/music video...but there's not been any kind of one-on-one interview conducted with Ray since the video's debut to get his reaction about the video's meteoric rise on YouTube.

As the calendar turns to March it's now only 23 days until the release of Ray's upcoming CD. I'm certain that the video, by then, will have crossed 100,000 unique views.

Yes, that's a bold prediction...but there's a lot of time remaining for upcoming publicity and coverage for both the upcoming CD and the music video that it's not too much of a stretch to make such a prediction. Considering the video's near the 50,000 range with hardly any traditional publicity outside of video sharing it's entirely possible for the numbers to double once Ray starts to make the rounds of the talk/interview programs.

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