April 7, 2012

In the Ray Stevens Mood, Part 3...

A funny thing happened on the way to my publishing my previous blog entry. Another web-site was putting together their page filled with more information about Ray's upcoming television and radio tour to promote the Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music. The web-site called Music News Nashville features a page filled with upcoming Ray Stevens appearances.  All show-times are in the Eastern time zone. Those who live in the Central or Western time zones will have to do the usual mathematics in determining the air-times in your area.

The fun begins on April 10th as I mentioned in my previous blog. Fox and Friends appearance during the 8am hour, a Fox News Radio interview on the Fox Across America program that evening during the 7:30pm half-hour, and a couple of interviews on SiriusXM sandwiched between the two Fox-related interviews round out the activities on April 10th.

I don't have a satellite radio but for the many that do Ray Stevens will appear on Channel 106 during the Freewheelin’ with Meredith Ochs & Chris T. program at 1pm. An hour later, on Channel 99, Ray will appear on the Raw Dog Comedy Channel on a program hosted by a personality named Mark Says Hi. Those with SiriusXM will know more about how to tune those programs in this Tuesday. If I find any podcasts or audio links of those satellite radio interviews I'll post them on this fan-created blog page as soon as possible.

On April 14th and April 15th the interview Ray gave on Crook and Chase a couple of months ago is suppose to be repeated on those two days on both of their shows: they host a syndicated series and then there's the series that airs on RFD-TV. The show airs on Sunday evening at 6pm on RFD-TV and so I'll check the program next weekend and see if the episode with Ray airs. There's been a habit where episodes are said to air but when the show comes on a completely different episode, with a different guest artist, is aired so I usually am leery about promoting upcoming appearances for their series due to the inaccuracies of air-date information.  Below is a link to an interview Ray gave recently on Michael Berry's radio program.

Michael Berry interviews Ray Stevens  

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