April 29, 2012

Ray Stevens 9-CD box set, Part 16...

It's a very early Sunday morning...late April 2012...and I decided to open the blog entry with this particular banner image. In previous blogs I've been using the banner showing that the Encyclopedia went on sale on February 28th but I've changed images (finally!) and have decided to use this one. The only difference between it and the one I previously used is the sales message. It reads "On Sale Now!!!" instead of "On Sale February 28th 2012".

The following link, Ray Stevens Images, contains a series of images shot at various moments during the filming of the on-line commercial for Ray's Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music. There are 47 images. One of the images appeared early on...it features Ray and Sabrina acting out the song "Cigareets, Whuskey, and Wild, Wild, Women" for the commercial. Sabrina has appeared in several of Ray's music videos over the last 3 years. She's known as the Creative Director of Ray's company, according to her Facebook page. Buddy Kalb appears with Ray in the bulk of the other images. If you've seen the on-line commercial for the Encyclopedia you'll already be familiar with these screen shots. Also, there are quite a few images of Ray clowning around with a gold mask (similar to the one that appears on the box set) as well as using the box set itself for some interesting poses.

Ray gave a radio interview on April 26th that I was not aware of because I had my computer off. This time of the year we're always in a severe thunderstorm threat every other day and so I keep my computer off more frequently just in case there's a power outage of any kind. There wasn't any pod-casts of the interview since the station doesn't have an internet stream and so it was one of those 'if you live in the area that was your only way of hearing it' kind of interviews. However, most, if not all, radio stations record their programming (that's obviously how radio stations are able to have archives) and so I'm surprised that an audio clip hadn't become available by now. The radio station is WBBV-FM, known on-air as River 101, located in Vicksburg, Mississippi. As mentioned, I didn't know of the call-in ahead of time or else I would've promoted it on the blog page for those who live in that area. Given that I hadn't heard it, either, I can't say if it's lengthy or just under 5 minutes.


All you Ray Stevens fans keep a note of this saved somewhere on your computer:

Since we're nearing May I thought it necessary to bring up a forthcoming concert appearance from Ray Stevens. On May 19th Ray Stevens will appear at the Osage Casino in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. This remains Ray's only concert during the summer season. Earlier I had thought that additional concerts would be added but as of now there's no concerts scheduled in the heart of summer (June and July). After the May 19th concert in Oklahoma his next concert, as of now, isn't until September 21st at the Blue Gate Theater in Shipshewana, Indiana. At this venue he will actually do two shows that day.

Eight days later, on September 29th, Ray Stevens will once again be back at the New Barn in Renfro Valley, Kentucky. I say once again because it's become something of a tradition for Ray, dating back to the mid 2000's, to appear at some point in Renfro Valley. On October 13th Ray will venture to New Mexico for a show at the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino in Mescalero, New Mexico and then two days later, on October 15th, he'll start a series of six shows at the Andy Williams Theatre in Branson, Missouri.

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