April 10, 2012

Ray Stevens on Fox and Friends

Good afternoon all the Ray Stevens fans...Ray appeared on Fox and Friends this morning, twice. He appeared toward the end of the televised program and sang a medley of songs from The Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music. Songs featured were "White Lightnin'", "Charlie Brown", "Chug-a-Lug", and "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor?".

You can see this by clicking the following: Ray Stevens Medley. If the video plays in slow motion, right click over top of the video and it'll play at normal speed. The video playback was slow for me and so I right clicked over top of the video and the speed corrected itself. Make sure you right click over part of the video that of course doesn't obscure Ray!

After the show ended Ray appeared on what's known as After the Show Show...an extended visit where he spoke more about the Encyclopedia and performed "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" in it's entirety.

Here's the link to that performance: Ray Stevens on Fox and Friends, After the Show.

Ray is scheduled to appear later this evening on a Fox News Radio program at 7:30pm. I will more than likely be asleep at that time (I'm a third-shift worker and so I sleep during the afternoons and most of the evening!). So, I'll check the internet tomorrow morning and see if there's any podcasts available of the interview. If there's any, of course, I'll be posting the links on this blog page.

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