April 7, 2012

Ray Stevens 9-CD box set, Part 13...

Welcome to another blog entry about Ray Stevens! In Part 13 of the Encyclopedia blog series I thought it necessary to discuss specifics when it comes to this particular collection. As many of you have seen by now there's a promotional video on You Tube about the Encyclopedia which I embedded in a previous blog post. As more and more people become aware of this awesome collection there has arisen the occasional remarks from those who have it in their DNA to be combative, divisive, and antagonistic.

I've come across several in the last day or two during my Google searches for Ray and if you're familiar with the sort of, well, off-color language that exists in a good number of You Tube video comment sections then you can pretty much guess the kind of comments I'm referring to without my having to do any further explanation.

One of the things I noticed is confusion by some when they watched the commercial and saw the snippets of Ray acting out some of the songs from the Encyclopedia. This led a few to believe that the Encyclopedia features music videos, too. Also, in the commercial Buddy Kalb refers to Ray's music videos of the past as a memory jogger for those who don't follow Ray's career as closely as some of us do. This, too, led some to believe that there was music video content in the Encyclopedia. The box set features only audio recordings...no music videos. 108 recordings, as the information in the commercial states.

I've seen a couple of comments complaining about the unbelievably low selling price. The way I see it, instead of complaining about the selling price simply save up for it if it's something you can't afford right away. Now, isn't that the best way to address the price rather than throwing a fit about it?

Given Ray's recent happenings I've been blogging with a tad more frequency but I realize that by doing this some of my other blog entries become buried in the archives only to be discovered weeks or months from now if one chooses to search them. In the series I started a couple of days ago called In the Ray Stevens Mood I posted links to his web-store. In an effort to not allow those links to fade into the blogger archives I'm going to re-post those links here...

Ray Stevens T-shirt

Let's Get Political booklet

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