April 14, 2012

Ray Stevens 9-CD box set, Part 14...

How many have purchased the Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music from Ray Stevens by now? If you hadn't purchased it you're really missing out on a lot of entertainment. Today and tomorrow are suppose to be the days that the Crook and Chase programs air their interview with Ray Stevens.

There is a syndicated series that airs on Saturdays on the networks that air it and then there's the series that airs on RFD-TV on Sunday evening. In the press release last week it made mention that the interview would be shown on both versions of their show...I'll check RFD-TV tomorrow at 6pm Eastern and see what's what. If he's on I'll take notes and write about it. There have been instances in the past where Ray's name was shown as the special guest but RFD shown a different episode instead...so I've come to expect any episode to air regardless of what the channel guide information provides.

Ray's 9-CD box set, as mentioned in the previous 13 entries, features 108 recordings. It comes with a book but I don't know off the top of my head which novelty song is the oldest of the bunch. One of the oldest is "Aba Daba Honeymoon" which dates back to 1914. I knew of this song years before I knew it's title because I had heard bits and pieces of it's chorus sang on a number of television programs. As a kid of the '80s I used to see commercials for Frito's but had no idea that the company's jingle at the time was based upon the melody of "Aba Daba Honeymoon". I didn't find that out until I saw it mentioned on-line somewhere.

"Little Brown Jug", another song on the Encyclopedia, I've written about before...it's truly a fun sing-a-long with an infectious chorus. It, too, is one of the oldest songs...it appeared originally in 1869!! It was brought back by Glenn Miller in 1939 as an instrumental. "Western Movies", "Transfusion", "William Tell Overture", and "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport", are among the MANY recordings on this Encyclopedia. There are others like "Huggin' and Chalkin" and "The Too Fat Polka" as well!!

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