April 6, 2012

In the Ray Stevens Mood...

Here we are on Good Friday...and In the Ray Stevens Mood...there are several new items up for sale at Ray's web-site store and I'm sure you all will probably want to add any of the items to your own collection. First off there's a new T-shirt promoting the Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music. It's a black T-shirt that reads Ray Stevens on top, with the gold comedy mask underneath, and the words Recorded Comedy Music below. Secondly there is a new hat with the gold comedy mask on it. Next we have a golden nugget from the past...a songbook that I hadn't seen for sale since the days that I was a member of Ray's FFFOL fan club. The songbook features a familiar publicity photo of Ray. That's not all...there is something that I call a Tea Party Extravaganza being offered, too. It consists of the 22-song, 4 music video project from 2010 called We The People that I've written extensively about, the American flag lapel pin, the 2011 project titled Spirit of '76 that I've also written about, PLUS a brand new booklet containing the lyrics to all the songs with commentary/opinion from both Ray Stevens and his songwriting partner-in-rhyme, Buddy Kalb. The booklet is titled Let's Get Political. For those who already have the 2010 and 2011 CD's you can purchase the Let's Get Political booklet separately for $9.95 which is what I did earlier this morning. Here are the links to the T-shirt and the booklet: 

Ray Stevens T-Shirt

Let's Get Political booklet

Now, of course, once you visit any of those links you can navigate to other parts of his site and other parts of the store for information about other products.

The Branson, Missouri performance of "We The People" from Ray Stevens that I posted the other day has risen to nearly 2,000 views on You Tube. Oh yes, I'm going to embed the video once again...

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