April 13, 2012

Ray Stevens: Let's Get Political...

Well, Happy Friday the 13th all you fans of Ray Stevens! As you can tell from the images in the blog entry this morning the Let's Get Political book from Ray Stevens arrived in the mail. Actually it arrived in the mail yesterday but I was away from the computer most of Thursday. The book's pages aren't numbered and so there's no way to tell how many pages there are. I'm obviously not going to count them all because it's pretty thick and let's say it's more than 30 pages. The book is comprised of lyrics of all the songs from two of Ray's most recent CD's: 2010's We The People and 2011's Spirit of '76. I read the introduction/forward and some of the other parts of the book. I love the information and for those who already have those two CD's you need to get this book ASAP!! At the moment Let's Get Political is available as a free gift as part of your purchase of what's being promoted as a Tea Party special offering both CD's, the book, and a flag lapel pin. Now, for those who already have those CD's you can purchase the book separately which is what I did. There's commentary and discussion in the book which gives insight into a lot of things that were going on behind the scenes during the years leading up to the Internet release of the "We The People" music video in the late winter of 2009. The book is a real treat in my opinion and one any fan of Ray's shouldn't be without. On the back of the book there are pictures of the two CD's and below those images are individual photo's of Ray Stevens and the book's other contributor, Buddy Kalb. Each song is dissected and discussed, too, so it's not just a book filled with song lyrics. The songwriters and the publisher credits, of course, are on display too.    

When I removed the book from the packaging I was surprised by how it looked. On the web-store's page the image looks a lot wider and more along the lines of sheet music books (if any of you remember those!). So, anyway, I was prepared to receive a thin book with the appearance of a calendar and was pleasantly surprised to see a book of a shorter, more compact size and one that could easily fit onto a book shelf rather than having an over-sized book which is what I assumed it looked like. You can see what I'm referring to when you click this Let's Get Political link. In the image above the book looks bigger than it is so it must have something to do with the dimensions of the picture causing the book to appear horizontally stretched. I took a picture of the book's side view to illustrate that it's a lengthy read...lyrics to 33 songs plus commentary/opinion spread out all over this published gem. I especially like the forward...but there's also other portions of the book that jumped out at me, too, such as why he came to the decision of injecting his political views into his recordings rather than keeping them to himself. As I've often said in my blog entries, conservative humor is almost always attacked by the Hollywood media and those in the New York high-rises and by television critics while liberal humor and liberal points of view are rampant on any number of television comedies, drama's, and network newscasts and you don't hear an outcry from supposedly impartial television critics who are all too frequently blasting a writer or actor for injecting conservative politics into a script or performance. The bottom line is Ray and Buddy Kalb hit the nail on the head when they offer their opinions on all 33 songs found on the two CD's I mentioned earlier.

I think you all will get a kick out of the book!! 

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