September 7, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 15...

Good Friday morning!! The numbers for "Obama Nation" this morning see it at 575,199 on-line views. I assume a lot of the Ray Stevens fans are aware of Joe South's death a few days ago. In case you hadn't heard about it, South passed away at the age of 72 in Atlanta, Georgia. Long-time fans or those who've studied Ray's career should already know the connection between the two. South was among a handful of teenagers and young adults who came up in the business, all around the mid and late '50s time frame, with a helping hand from Bill Lowery. Georgia music superstars from that era included the one and only Ray Stevens of course...but there was Jerry Reed, Billy Joe Royal, Tommy Roe, and Joe South. Each of those artists found stardom in the pop and or country music formats as they grew into adulthood. The future stardom arose mostly from the artists being singer/songwriters as well as top-notch session musicians. Freddy Weller emerged to stardom in the mid/late '60s as a session musician and later, artist, and he definitely has ties to Georgia as well.

In the mid '60s Ray Stevens covered a few Joe South songs: 1965's "Party People" and 1966's "Devil May Care". Ray would later cover two more Joe South compositions: "Games People Play" in 1969 and "Walk a Mile In My Shoes" in 1970.

In another that's tied to the name of this blog entry... 

Apparently the name of the re-election game this year is self-pity and the yearning for a sympathy vote. In my opinion, the Obama political machine has decided to highlight the President's failings in a strategy that calls for ~honesty~ about the failed policies and the broken promises over the last 3+ years...promises to unite a nation and restore America to greatness. Instead, what we've gotten is division amongst the public and tightfisted, thuggish edicts and mandates from an over sized Government. Add to that the huge unemployment numbers and the debt and deficit that's accumulated since 2009...I could go on and on as many of you readers are more than familiar and aware. The icing on the cake...or the sickest part of this Obama that they seriously believe that the country is going to give them 4 more years all in the name of sympathy. Bill Clinton said as much a few days ago during the Democrat get his speech he stated that Obama deserves 4 more years. Such a statement isn't that surprising coming from a fellow Democrat...but it just doesn't mesh with reality and the facts. Obama doesn't deserve another 4 years. The Democrat party has basically dissolved into a throng of people who cater to special interests rather than cater to the good of the country and the people as a whole. They vilify anyone and everything that doesn't adhere to their standards and they pander to special interest groups at the drop of a hat.

The people who attended the Democrat get together and experienced the train wreck firsthand...well, they're not the ones that put Obama in the White House in the first place. The Independents are who sided with the liberals in 2008 and voted for Obama...but fast-forward to 2012...I really don't believe the Independent voters are going to fall in line and rush to support Obama a second, yeah, the crowds at the Democrat convention were loud and characteristically obnoxious once the likes of Bill Clinton and Obama spoke but the fact is Obama needs the Independent voters and I'm not seeing any evidence that shows Independents are falling over themselves for an Obama second term. Obama has a record...something he did not have in 2008. It's incredibly naive and egotistical in some ways if Obama thinks that the voters are going to turn from the facts and simply re-elect him out of sympathy.

The mainstream media can spin it anyway they want...the people who attended the convention are dyed in the wool liberals and's no surprise that they'd be cheering and on the edge of their seats.

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