September 28, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 19...

"Obama Nation" by Ray Stevens has increased by a total of 15,770 on-line views to bring it's total number of views to 623,409. The video, of course, is available on You Tube along with several other Ray Stevens music videos. The song, as I've mentioned before, comes from his We The People release. That particular CD, as well as Spirit of '76, both found Here, are a must-have for those who identify themselves as members of the Tea Party and those with conservative points of view. The link takes you to the store at Ray's web-site where both CD's, a flag lapel, and his Let's Get Political essay/opinion book are being sold together. The book and flag lapel come free and so you're actually only paying for the two CD's in that order. We The People contains 22 songs on one CD and 4 music videos on a bonus DVD. Spirit of '76 is a more conventional CD release with 11 songs. The book features the lyrics of all 33 songs on both releases as well as essay and commentary from Ray Stevens and his songwriter friend, Buddy Kalb.

It seems as if the current trend from the mainstream media is to play sour grapes when it comes to the Romney campaign...more so than in times past. A local radio personality gave an observation that I found to be 100% accurate when he stated that the mainstream media is hoping that the Romney-Ryan supporters will become discouraged from voting based upon first-glance "negative" polling numbers that the media is all too eager to highlight, emphasize, and promote. By my using the phrase first-glance, of course, it means that some people look only at the numbers and do not research and find out how the numbers were generated or who was polled and at what time of the day or which demographic was targeted for replies, etc. etc.

There is early voting going on in several states and it's the perfect opportunity for the Obama supporters in the mainstream media to create a cloud of discouragement for those who support Romney. I assume, as the radio personality said, the Obama backers hope to discourage the Romney supporters from voting early.

It's one of the oldest political tricks in the book and, in general, it works like this: create insecurity and discouragement in the opposition's voting base and attempt to plant the idea in their heads that there's no reason to show up to vote since their candidate "doesn't have a chance at winning".

Admittedly there may be some people who fall for this tactic and it's a shame if they do.

If voters stick to the facts and base Obama's time in the White House on their final decision this coming Election Day then he doesn't have a chance of re-election. You can't sweep away or hide much as Obama wants to...and as much as his supporters gallantly strive to keep the facts hidden under the surface.

This election, as it's been said by many others, mirrors the 1980 election campaigns between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan where Reagan was constantly losing in the polls and being painted as a long shot at becoming President by the mainstream media. It wasn't until the head-to-head debates that Reagan was able to strip away all the negatives heaped upon him by his opponents and those in the media. Once the people saw the contrast between Carter and Reagan it was obvious that Carter's policies and visions were Utopian based and not rooted in reality.

In my opinion, based on factual rather than revisionist history, Carter won the 1976 election because of the public sentiment about Watergate and you had the current President, Gerald Ford, voted out because of the scandal's impact on practically anybody associated with Nixon regardless whether the associates were directly involved or had any knowledge of the happenings. The Democrats also had what they may have considered an ace in the hole due to Ford's not having been "elected by the people" to either the Vice-Presidency or the Presidency. He was and still remains the only person to hold those positions without having been voted in by a national election. He was appointed Vice-President when Spiro Agnew resigned from office and then Ford became President when Richard Nixon resigned. Once Ford pardoned Nixon for any alleged crimes or other wrong doing, it pretty much doomed his Presidential election chances in 1976. History books often cite that the most positive thing that happened during Ford's presidency (1974-1976) was America's Bicentennial celebrations during the mid '70s leading up to July 4, 1976. The 2011 Ray Stevens CD, Spirit of '76, is named for the art work of the same name recalling the imagery of the Revolutionary War. 

But let's fast-forward from Ford's defeat in 1976 to McCain's defeat in 2008. Obama becomes the President on the heels of negative public sentiment surrounding the conflicts taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Democrats of 2008, much like those in 1976, used the public sentiment to rally the voters to their side. John McCain lost to Obama in 2008 based upon negative Republican sentiment across the board. To this day many Obama supporters like to engage in the "blame Bush" tactic in the hopes that it'll re-create in 2012 the sentiment it had in 2008 when it worked against McCain. I don't feel it will work in 2012 because, mainly, Obama is an incumbent. He's the Incompetent Incumbent. The facts are simple: you don't blame a former President on your own failures after you've been President the last three and a half years. Obama tries to...his supporters try to...but you end up looking foolish and they've had a lot of practice at that. Obama has no victories that he can proudly tout and play up...any 'victory' he has enjoyed have long since proven to be detrimental to the American people either economically or socially. His Obamacare, strangely enough, hasn't been a focal point of the re-election commercials and neither has any of the pet projects with the EPA, etc. etc. In a twist of irony, Obama really can't campaign on any solid issue he holds near and dear to his heart because the general public, in reality, do not support those issues with the same kind of zeal that he does.

This leaves the Obama campaign to resemble more or less a long-running attack ad.

This Obama re-election campaign, the way I see it, is based pretty much on attacking Romney first and foremost and then filling the airwaves with more Utopian fantasies, flat out lies, and insidious goals for "the next four years" rather than telling the voters why he deserves "the next four years" in the first place. In my opinion you should get re-elected if you've done a good job and he certainly hasn't done so which is why he can't fill his re-election commercials with any positives that he's accomplished. It's all attack, attack, attack as he blames others for his own incompetence.

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