September 19, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 18...

In a pick-up of 15,406 on-line views, "Obama Nation" by Ray Stevens currently sits with 607,639 views. I saw that the video vaulted past the 600,000 mark on Monday evening but I didn't create a blog entry about it and afterward I had my computer off until this morning due to storms that were passing through. In Part 17 of this blog series the video had obtained by that time 592,233 unique views and as mentioned the video received more than 15,000 additional views bringing it to it's current total of 607,639.

I'll only say a couple of things about the perceived mini-controversy surrounding the Romney video that liberal bloggers are having a feast with...the video is irrelevant. It's more or less an addition to a long list of distraction stories being pushed to keep the focus away from Obama's dismal failures. It's as simple as that. The liberals will probably come up with a different distraction story a little more than a month from now when the 2012 Election is a week or so away so be ready for it.

Am I the only one that can see through this liberal-created story for what it is?

Since I had my computer off for a day and a half I was not aware until this morning that Ray had an interview with the radio duo, Rick and Bubba, about The Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music. The interview took place this morning at 9:30am but it wasn't specific if that was Central or Eastern time. I work nights and was asleep at that time and there hadn't been any podcast made available. I also saw a post on Twitter that Ray had a radio interview on a station in Effingham, Illinois with their morning program.


Ray Stevens will be appearing in Shipshewana, Indiana on September 21st and in Effingham, Illinois on September 22nd.

Those in the area take advantage of seeing the music entertainment legend. His concerts are highly entertaining and engaging, too.

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