September 11, 2012

Ray Stevens: Osama Yo' Mama...hilarious!!

It seems as if, without fail, that each and every year that passes and the hilarious Ray Stevens song, "Osama Yo' Mama", is discovered on You Tube, that there always seems to be people out there that take exception to the song. The song is great and it's message and sentiments are crystal clear.

In case anyone's been living under a rock, Ray Stevens is known for his comical recordings and chances are you're going to get a comical presentation from him with just the right amount of seriousness underlying the entire performance. His current political recordings, with the comical overtones seen in the music videos, are in reality very serious lyrically but he takes a comical approach, visually, since comedy is what he's known for.

Anyway, it's baffling why some dislike "Osama Yo' Mama" but yet there are those certain ones out there that do. It must have something to do with novelty songs, in general, and how the more serious of music listeners disdain the novelty song genre entirely.

"Osama Yo' Mama" came about late in 2001. Country artists, specifically, were issuing patriotic music and songs reflecting on the 9/11 terror attacks. Ray Stevens issues "Osama Yo' Mama" as his contribution to all the other anti-bin Laden recordings that were hitting the market. In a scenario highly reminiscent of "The Streak" in 1974, albeit with a much more serious topic of terrorism this time around, Ray's bin Laden song was really the only one to make it commercially. His single sold half a million copies throughout 2002, reached #1 on the Country Single Sales chart for multiple weeks, and the album that came along later in 2002, Osama Yo' Mama: The Album, reached the Top-30 on the Country Album chart.

It's very clear that the people who love the song far outnumber the ones who dislike it.

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