September 13, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 17...

During the last several days, the Ray Stevens "Obama Nation" music video's obtained more than 11,000 additional views. In part 16 of this series I mentioned that the view total was sitting at 580,730. Right now it's sitting at 592,233! It's inching closer to the 600,000 level. His previous video, "Mr. President - Mr. President", has 673,695 total views at the moment. That particular music video was released almost 1 year ago while "Obama Nation", released a couple of months ago, is nearing that 600,000 mark at a much more quicker rate. The previous video/song is just as great but the anticipation and build up of the 2012 Presidential election has apparently helped the current video close in on the 600,000 mark in a much shorter time span.

In a couple of weeks are the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates: Romney vs. Obama, Ryan vs. Biden. I may or may not I've written before in other blog entries I can't stomach Obama's lies, his arrogance, and his condescending demeanor...which will obviously be on full display during those debates. I often associate an Obama speech with the anticipation of root canal surgery.

Biden is full of himself, too, but not on the same level as Obama and I think Paul Ryan will run circles around Biden during their debate.

I've spotlighted this particular Ray Stevens interview before but I've decided to post a link to it again because it's so informative, in my opinion, and it's one of those rare interviews with a recording artist where the artist comes off as the top priority and is treated with respect. There are various kinds of interviews with various objectives and most of the time the 'celebrity interview' nowadays comes off more like a gossipy tabloid-style tell-all than a serious, let's stick to business, interview. One such serious interview was conducted by a writer named Jeremy Roberts and it took place in 2011 in the months following the April release of Spirit of '76. You can read the full interview/write-up HERE.

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