December 31, 2009

Ray Stevens: We The People physical single

Happy New Year's Eve to any that have stopped by here throughout the day. The hours are ticking away in 2009 and soon we'll be into 2010. I'll more than likely watch the ball drop countdown when it gets close to midnight. I've never actually watched the New Year's Eve programs all the way through. I've always turned the program on near midnight. When I was younger I'd watch Casey Kasem bring in the New Year on Nick-at-Nite. He hosted a rerun countdown that began around noon on New Year's Eve day and it would air right up until 12:30am with the #1 rerun bringing in the New Year. This was back in the late '80s into the early '90s. Since then I just watch the Times Square ball drop during the final five minutes of a year...but getting to the subject at hand...

"We The People" has enabled Ray Stevens' channel on You Tube to rank at #25 among musicians for the month of December. Ray hasn't had a You Tube page up and running very long, though. The channel debuted in the summer of this year. I believe it was a concentrated effort on the part of Ray and his people to get his newer releases exposed on the various social network sites since he wasn't being able to get his music exposed through the normal process of radio and television. Country music on television has all but vanished except for music video channels and those kind of television stations only want to play music videos by specific artists...the same with radio stations...if you're over 55 or 60 you don't have a chance on a contemporary radio station.

When you visit the official store at the Ray Stevens web-site you will see that a physical copy of "We The People" is available for purchase. Now, of course, a lot of people nowadays like to take it easy and just click their mouse, purchase the song, and have it downloaded onto their computer for instant listening pleasure. This is fine, of course, but a physical copy of the single may become a sought after item at some point given how rare physical copies of CD singles are. The CD single will cost $1.99 which is a dollar more than the digital single. The thing that collector's and consumers should keep in mind is once copies become available on eBay and other on-line auction sites, expect sellers to have a much higher asking price than $1.99 so my advice would be for people who want a physical copy of the CD to buy it at his web-site store now instead of waiting until later when it maybe sell for three or four dollars more.

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