January 18, 2010

Have You Gotten the Ray Stevens T-shirt Yet?

A few days ago T-shirts became available for purchase featuring Ray Stevens in costume underneath the "We The People" title. The American flag is also in the background. The T-shirts are black and there are two kinds being offered at his web-site store. There is the shirt with his picture and then there's a shirt with just the name of the song written at the top. The price is the same for either shirt. The T-shirts became available last week...I should say the last couple of days is when they appeared on his web-site. Previously there hadn't been a "clothing" section at his web-site store and so I think they're planning ahead. The actual clothing section isn't functional at this point...so I'm assuming that as the weeks go by they'll be adding additional clothing or hats to the store and create a clothing section. As of now you can see the t-shirts on full display if you visit his on-line music store at his web-site.

I haven't bought a t-shirt...yet. I hope they'll still be in stock when I get the chance to send off for one. They saying that they're in limited quantity and so it'll be my luck I finally get around to sending off for a t-shirt and I find out they've sold-out.

I'm waiting for a "We The People" ball cap!! Hopefully such an item will be forthcoming. Ray will be on the road at select venue's this year and if there's a merchandise counter I'm sure the "We The People" merchandise will be in full display. Now, of course, a lot of this planning ahead isn't set in stone because there hasn't been a final vote on ObamaCare yet. The House and the Senate are suppose to merge their bills together for passage as one all-encompassing health care bill...and in both the House and Senate those who are in favor of ObamaCare greatly outnumber those who oppose it. So, it's likely that ObamaCare will pass by a slim margin...and should that happen expect "We The People" to continue to generate discussion leading up to election time in November.

Should this upcoming Massachusetts Senate race go in favor of the Republican candidate, the Democrats will lose their 60 vote super-majority and it'll be a 59-41 Democrat-Republican ratio in the Senate. This is crucially important because without a 60 vote super-majority, the Democrats would not be able to just pass the bill through Congress swiftly. It's true that even if the Republican is elected, the Democrats would still have a majority 59-41...but given that the Democrats could potentially lose their 60 vote super-majority it means that the Republicans would then be able to rightfully delay and filibuster and prolong the inevitable in hopes that some Democrats will crack under pressure and vote against ObamaCare when it's all said and done. So, yes, if the Democrat wins, ObamaCare is certain to pass rather quickly but should the Republican win, ObamaCare will be put on hold for awhile because of a filibuster that'll likely take effect once the Republican becomes certified. There's an option called "Reconciliation" where all Congress would need is 51 votes to pass the bill...so the Democrats have a couple of plans I imagine being plotted out should the Republican win in Massachusetts and in theory their plans would backfire because of how they would come across in the mind's of the voters.

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