January 13, 2010

Ray Stevens: We The People 1st Month...

As I take a belated note of the first month anniversary of "We The People" making it's debut as a music video on You Tube I've noticed that the opposition to the song isn't growing, but instead, they are manifesting themselves in little concentrated areas on the world wide web. Coincidence or not but lately most of the opposing views of this song provide a link to a certain web-site that shall go nameless which health care overhaul supporters gather to bash the song, the music video, Ray Stevens, Republicans and conservatives in general...and it dawned on me that lately some of the people who pop up on Twitter, for example, that oppose "We The People", provide a link to that same web-site that shall go nameless. It occurred to me that the critics really don't have a widespread base on-line if all they can do is provide a URL link over and over to the same pro-Obamacare page. It also dawned on me that the critics of the song know they're out-numbered, too. On You Tube you can browse through a myriad of comments ranging from the thoughtful to the inflammatory and everything in between when it comes to this song and it's broader reaching message.

The big news though is the music video has officially passed the two million mark. 2,005,636 hits have been obtained by the music video in a little over a month's time. I really don't see any end in sight in the near future...given that this is a mid-term election year. There are some who are marginalizing the music video's "popularity". To these people the music video's play total is deceptive because some people are clicking the song just to make comments. This is a flat-out ridiculous comment considering that the music video has gone beyond 2,000,000 hits but there's just a little over 5,000 comments in total. So, to those who think the comments are racking up the play, you're so wrong. At the same time, there are some pundits on the Democratic side who are hoping that the "people" will forget about health care by November. In my way of thinking they're nervous and they're anxious to have something else being discussed that isn't so threatening to their career.

Something that's really not being said is that even if this health care bill ultimately passes, those who oppose it now will still be opposing it afterward. Some people think that if the bill passes then it's done and over with and it shouldn't be talked about much or it shouldn't be a factor in November given that the bill's already passed. What those who hold that opinion fail to grasp, or are forgetting, is that actions bring about consequences. If people are angry come election time and are angry primarily because of the health care bill's tax hikes and want to vote those who supported the bill out of office that's perfectly fine. As a consequence for supporting ObamaCare, voters who oppose the bill will oppose the supporters at the ballot box. It's as simple as that.

The reason why several web-sites who oppose the bill will keep a list of those who supported or opposed the bill is because it'll allow voters to see who to support or who to vote against. Is that nice? No. Is it vindictive? Perhaps...but is it the right thing to do? Of course it is! In a system where you can vote your representatives in and out of office there's nothing wrong with voting people out because of something they support or don't support depending on the situation. This is Democracy 101 for those who aren't aware of why people vote. Just a reminder...Ray will appear on The O'Reilly Factor this Friday, January 15th. The show airs on the Fox News Channel but I'm sure millions of people already know that.

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