January 4, 2010

Ray Stevens: Thank You!

After the runaway and phenomenal success of the Ray Stevens music video, "We The People", here comes the official on-line music video release of "Thank You". This song is not about health care but instead it's about the military...and seeing that the military and stepped up security checks are currently in the news and replacing ObamaCare as the top item it's a good decision to officially release on You Tube the music video of "Thank You". I do not know if this music video will soar past one million views and galvanize the You Tube site or not. As of now the video's been available on their site since around 1:40 this afternoon Midwest time and it's gotten 145 plays and 9 comments so far...only time will tell if it reaches close to the million plays of "We The People" or goes over a million. It'll need a massive push on the social network sites referring to the music video's existence. If "Thank You" doesn't achieve the same kind of phenomenal response as "We The People" it in no way means the song is no good. I say this because I have a feeling that newly formed critics of Ray Stevens will be sure to point out the play gaps between both music videos if it comes down to that. It'll make the critics feel better and give them some sort of vindication as it's quite obvious that they've never appreciated Ray's ObamaCare song from day one. So if they can grab onto anything that'll make them feel good and trash Ray at the same time over "Thank You", they will.

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