January 10, 2010

Everything Is Beautiful CD

Welcome one and all to the latest Ray Stevens blog entry. This time around I wanted to let those aware that there's going to be an import CD released called Everything Is Beautiful. I have no idea what songs are on the CD other than obviously stating that his #1 pop hit from 1970 will be among the songs. The import will be available on January 26th...two days after Ray's birthday. Ray hits the big 7-1 this coming January 24th...and with the on-going popularity of "We The People" it's afforded Ray the ability to claim nationally popular successes in five individual decades: the 1960's, the 1970's, the 1980's, the 1990's, the first 10 years of the millennium: 2000-2010, even though 2010 is considered to be the start of a new decade. If so, it's six individual decades. The national successes during the 1990's were the million selling home video projects. Then in 2002 the Gold selling single success of "Osama Yo' Mama" and then in late 2009 into 2010 the phenomenal on-line music video success of "We The People". Although the success, obviously, hasn't been back-to-back all those years...but persistence pays off.

When more information comes along about the import CD of Everything Is Beautiful I'll more than likely post it on this blog.

For those reading the blog entries I've been writing for almost 2 years, I've never mentioned this before but I'll mention it now, but in an effort for many of you all to follow the blogs that I write about Ray Stevens there's a little "follow" button down toward the middle of the page. Anyone can click that and be a follower of my blog entries.

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