January 20, 2010

Ray Stevens: The O'Reilly Interview

Click the link below to see the interview between O'Reilly and Ray Stevens...if the link doesn't work and a video doesn't start playing you can always visit the Fox News web-page and do a search for "Ray Stevens" and the video will come up.

Opposing Obamacare

Hello all you Ray Stevens fans out there!! Isn't it interesting that when "We The People" was beginning it's phenomenal rise on You Tube that you didn't hardly see much concentrated opposition to the song AND Ray Stevens as you do now. What a difference an interview with O'Reilly makes. WOW! Now you have the usual parasites who trash O'Reilly on a daily basis going after Ray Stevens, too! The interview, straight from the Fox web-site, is also on You Tube uploaded by someone not affiliated with Fox News. That video upload is of lesser sound quality and the replies are mostly comments from the far-left, which is ironic, seeing the "We The People" has a broad spectrum of beliefs from all political ideologies.

So, as a response, I've decided to upload the better quality video from Fox's own web-site. The site allows visitors to embed their videos onto blogs and so I'm taking advantage of that opportunity. I feel the comments and insults thrown at Ray Stevens, specifically after his O'Reilly interview, are uncalled for. It doesn't help matters when the Messiah of the mundane, Keith Olbermann, decides to single out the interview and in his own way egg on the harsh criticisms directed at the song. He'll never be Steve Allen so he should stop while he's ahead. I shouldn't let it bother me because his show gets trounced in the cable ratings day after day because everyone's watching Fox News since people want to know what's going on and not hear the latest liberal wisecrack. The reason things like that get to me sometimes is because of the arrogance in which the criticisms are delivered. Those who oppose Fox News and all of that have a touch of arrogance to them which I've yet to understand, not that I'd want to. So, enjoy the video.

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  1. Sopranoh@hotmail.comJanuary 21, 2010 at 2:15 AM

    Really WONDERFUL to see Ray and Hear his new song featured on Fox! Ray, You Are A REAL PATRIOT!!! THANK YOU FOR HELPING MAKE THIS A STRONG STATEMENT TO THOSE WHO WOULD LOVE TO STEAL OUR RIGHT TO GOD-GIVEN FREEDOM!!! I was just asking the other day who recorded "Ahab The Arab." Tonight I was perusing the Miller Minute in O'Reilly and Found YOUR Interview and song!!! Love it! So glad you're doing well and being SUCH a SIGNIFICANT part of LETTING FREEDOM RING!!!


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