January 12, 2010

Ray Stevens: Making the Rounds...

News that's already been reported on by Ray's people via his web-site and social network sites is that he'll be making an appearance this coming Friday on The O'Reilly Factor. A few days ago O'Reilly promoted the "We The People" music video briefly and mentioned that Ray's official web-page had more information. Well...for those who are in the Ray Stevens loop you know what happened. After that brief mention, within minutes, Ray's web-site crashed and the way I took it the music video had gotten so many views on You Tube within a specific time frame that it caused the music video's page to crash!? I seem to remember the video not wanting to load up at various times after the O'Reilly promo...so I guess that's what it means when a video crashes!?

These television appearances seem to be spur of the moment and so there's no real long build-up...the O'Reilly promo was mentioned hours before on a social network site by Ray's people. So news alerts come pretty fast and almost without much anticipation time. This appearance, however, was announced yesterday...which would have been January 11th. This gives the fans a good period of time to let the excitement build. Naturally with O'Reilly's program being a 'No Spin Zone' I'm nervous and excited at the same time. What if Bill asks or says something that may confuse Ray and what if Ray says something that'll be taken out of context or be taken the wrong way? I've watched O'Reilly on and off for years and judging by a lot of singers/celebrities who appear on the show they seem to come off well...so here's hoping Ray will be the same way. I happen to feel that the appearance will go great considering that O'Reilly referred to "We The People" as a 'clever song' and sort of smiled before the video clip rolled.

One of the things that I've noticed about "We The People" as far as You Tube is concerned is that there are some users from the site who have uploaded the video onto You Tube. I don't know the reasons behind it because the official music video is still hugely successful and nearing 2 million hits. Why the need for 3 or 4 uploads of the same song by different users? It's just something I'm curious about, that's all. I probably already know the answer but I'll keep it to myself. Something else I'd like to be enlightened about is why do those who favor ObamaCare tend to call those who oppose it names? Just about every message I've come across on social network sites and on traditional message boards in which a person is in favor of the health care overhaul always seems to attack those who oppose ObamaCare and they attack Ray Stevens and they call us the most horrible names you could think of for opposing the health care bill but yet they don't actually say anything factual to support their approval of the bill. There was actually someone who accused Ray of being a racist of all things because the song ridicules the Obama administration and the Democratic control of Congress.

I suppose if it were Bill Clinton in the White House and the Congress dreamed up this health care socialist package the obvious opposition against it would speak their minds but it's very tricky to call someone a racist if the President were white, as Clinton is. The racist accusation is abused by a majority of the left-wing of the Democratic party because of it being a silencer, or, it hopes to be a silencer. As long as Obama is in the White House the liberals in the country will forever bring up racism as a potential silencer against debate/discussion. Were the Republicans or the conservatives racists when they opposed most of Clinton's ideas? Why does the skin color of Obama have to do with people disagreeing with his views and his policies? Those who oppose "We The People" and those who call people names are the ones who are making race an issue. If they would just drop it and acknowledge the fact that Obama's critics hammer him because of his policies and not because of his skin color I think people would have a bit more tolerance toward one another...but these racial accusations that fly all over the social network sites are a bit over-the-top and desperate at the same time. The latest news about Harry Reid is that there's a chance that he won't run for re-election because it may hurt his son's chances of being elected Governor of Nevada. Harry Reid's controversial image and his complete entanglement in health care proves to be an attention grabber even if he chooses not to run for re-election in the Senate. Some, who oppose Reid, may oppose his son just as much...but it's tough to tell so many months before November.

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