January 28, 2010

Ray Stevens: We The People music video, Part Three

The latest play total for the Ray Stevens music video, "We The People", sits at 2,523,232 hits which is close to 25,000 more plays since my previous blog.

We welcome a fifth follower of this blog, too. I don't get e-mails alerting me that someone chooses to follow this blog and so when I checked my previous blog entry about Ray returning to Branson, Missouri I was thrilled to see another follower latch onto this blog. Ray commented on his Twitter page that he's still working on his upcoming CD but didn't put an official release date on it yet. Late February is the general time-frame that Ray hopes to have it released according to some of his interviews this month. A local Nashville television station did a promo piece on Ray and this song and you can find that segment at his web-site in the "News" section and on his Facebook page a link exists.

The commercial peak of the Mp3 digital download of the single arose a couple of weeks ago in mid January, almost a month after it's release, when it latched onto the #4 best-selling spot for several days on Amazon's list of country Mp3's. The Mp3 was released on December 17, 2009 six days after the music video debuted on You Tube. Right now the Mp3 sits at #80 among the best-selling country songs and #52 among best selling Mp3 comedy recordings. This isn't any cause for concern or alarm, though.

In spite of the inevitable commercial decline on Amazon's best-selling lists, the Mp3 remains high among the Hot New Releases list...ranking at #10 among country music Mp3's. This is the 27th day of the single being ranked on Amazon's Top-100 best-seller lists. This works out to be a day shy of 4 weeks, a month, so the slide in chart placing at Amazon isn't something to be alarmed over. Why? Well, it's because they rank items hourly instead of weekly...and logging 27 consecutive days in the Top-100 is quite impressive because it's all based on sales.

The biggest publicity and promotion "We The People" attracted was through social network sites, namely You Tube, where it had gained over 1,000,000 hits prior to it's exposure on O'Reilly's program on Fox News channel. Some people are quick to forget that it was because of the million or so hits the video obtained on You Tube is why O'Reilly did a couple of features on the song. There are some people who mistakenly believe it was the exposure on Fox News that enabled the music video to become popular when, in truth, the music video had reached a million hits on it's own prior to the Fox News exposure...and now it's at 2.5 million hits.

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