January 8, 2010

Ray Stevens: We The People MP3

I wonder if Congress hopes that we swallow that huge pill known as ObamaCare? It's as big as an orange...and leaves heartburn...

Welcome to this latest blog entry focused on the smash hit from Ray Stevens, "We The People", NoBamaCare! Although I know the sales ranks change hourly I felt like I needed to show some attention to the fact that "We The People" has risen all the way into the Top-20 on Amazon's MP3 digital single chart. This is a list of best-selling MP3's in the country format. Throughout the course of Thursday there were quite a few news stories centering around Ray's single. I've been monitoring the coverage off and on ever since the single became a music video hit on You Tube and yesterday there were several on-line news reports being circulated where Ray gave his direct opinions of ObamaCare and compared it to socialism and Marxism. For me it was the strongest language I'd yet to hear being associated with Ray outside of the song's lyrics. I touched upon those news stories in my previous blog entry and then, to add some icing to the cake, the music video received some exposure on The O'Reilly Factor Thursday night. It wasn't a lengthy promo but I think it connected with some who perhaps just found out about the song through that exposure. Why do I say that? Well, because of the Top-20 ranking of "We The People" where earlier it was in the Top-70. Also, there have been a slew of new blogs uploaded focused on "We The People" specifically and so it's as if the song is at it's zenith...reaching it's peak...and time will tell if "We The People" will be a significant commercial success or if it's appeal will forever remain as a music video. Also, time will tell if public outrage over ObamaCare carries into the summer and fall months prior to November 2010. I heard some commentary saying that people shouldn't vote against the Democrats out of revenge for passing ObamaCare but that isn't the way I look at it. It isn't revenge...it's voicing disapproval for what a Senator or a Representative voted for...and those people in Congress who vote in favor of the final version of ObamaCare, they'll have tough races during re-election unless they conveniently retire.

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