February 11, 2011

Get in the Spirit with Ray Stevens...

A quick blog entry for this evening finds me making some commentary about Ray's appearance at C-PAC Thursday night. I thoroughly enjoyed the appearance and it was great seeing Ray perform with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Ray always has a lot of enthusiasm in his performances but because the music was political and it was a political event you could really see the magnetism in the air...at least that's how I interpreted the appearance.

Ray was having a great time at the podium delivering a few one-liners, talking about You Tube, and of course performing three songs: "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore", "We the People", and a song that'll be on an upcoming CD, "Mr. President, What Are You Gonna Do?". The upcoming CD will be titled The Spirit of '76. Ray was introduced to the audience by Tucker Carlson of the Fox News Channel. Those who want to see the video of Ray's appearance can click this link. Once there, scroll down to February 10th 7:30pm and click on Ray's name.

What a lot of us are waiting on is either a music video release of the TSA song or a release of The Spirit of '76. As of now, according to his web-site, the CD will either be released by itself or be included in a Deluxe Edition re-release of We The People. The latter features 22 songs and if the Spirit of '76 is released in a Deluxe Edition of some kind that'll mean the overall project will have 33 songs! I hope the Spirit of '76 CD is released by itself but then later on combine it with We The People for a Deluxe Edition collector's item. That would be my way of marketing it.

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