February 13, 2011

Ray Stevens and the TSA, Part 3...

This looks to be the big impact week for "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore", referred to as The TSA song, as Ray Stevens embarks on another series of radio interviews...this time on WHO-AM, KIOD-FM, and WSGI-AM. The CD and Mp3 single were released commercially this past Tuesday but there's not actually been much of a push surrounding the song's availability and I believe these next wave of radio interviews will mark the beginning of the heavy promotion for the song.

On February 14th Ray Stevens will call-in to the Jan Mickelson program on WHO-AM radio in Des Moines, Iowa. The program runs 2 hours and 30 minutes. The link offers information about the program as well as a listen live option. According to his web-page it appears that his episodes are archived and so Ray's call-in should become part of the archives and if that happens it'll be available for repeated listens. Mickelson's show airs from 9am-11:30pm Central (10am-12:30pm Eastern).

On February 15th Ray will call the Snoozbuster Morning Show which is heard on the Top-40 Country music station KIOD-FM in McCook, Nebraska. Their radio station, as far as I could see, doesn't offer a listen live feature and so this interview more than likely will be exclusive to those in the McCook, Nebraska listening area. Anyone who lives in that locale and are fans of Ray Stevens should try and catch the interview. The morning show airs 6am to 9am Central (7am-10am Eastern).

On February 17th Ray will call Steve Jarrell on WSGI-AM radio in Springfield, Tennessee. Their web-page offers a listen live option and Jarrell's program airs from 10am-3pm Central time (11am-4pm Eastern).

There is no information given indicating the specific times in which Ray will call those various radio shows but judging from previous radio call-in's the hosts often wait until the last half hour or last hour to feature musical guests and celebrities...but don't assume that this is the case every time. Some hosts may feature Ray at the beginning of a program or the middle of a program so it's always best to tune in the entire broadcast. I frequent Ray's message board at his official web-page and I often start topics about his latest releases and today is no different. I started this topic to chronicle "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore" and give updates about whatever I see written in the media or if ever a music video gets uploaded I post You Tube play totals every so often.

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