February 17, 2011

Ray Stevens: The TSA music video...

What a wonderful treat Thursday turned out to be! Due to time zone issues I was unable to stay awake today and hear Ray's interview on radio station WSGI in Tennessee. The interview took place at 1pm central time which is 2pm here in the eastern time zone and given that I work nights I couldn't stay awake to catch it. If I had known ahead of time when the interview was to take place I could've gotten some sleep earlier in the day...but...when I woke up this evening I discovered that Ray had uploaded the much anticipated music video of his TSA song, "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore".

The video, in my opinion, is quite hilarious. It's surely going to become another mega viral hit on You Tube. On Twitter it's been tweeted and shared and re-tweeted throughout much of the afternoon by various Tea Party and conservative bloggers in addition to Ray's core fan-base who've supported him for years. I don't know the name of the woman playing the airline passenger ahead of Ray and "Charlene". I know that Sabrina plays the role of Charlene and that Ray's longtime songwriting partner and business associate, Buddy Kalb, plays the role of the security agent. If you want to see the video on a much larger scale click the following video link and it'll take you to the video's page at You Tube. As most of you know, I don't embed videos at their original size simply because they're way too large to fit within the space provided and would mess up other features of the blog page and cause the page to load slower...therefore I re-size the videos.

On Friday morning February 18th (that's TOMORROW!) Ray will be interviewed on two radio stations. The first station, KSCJ, will have an interview at 9:30am Central time, 10:30am Eastern. The second station, KDWN, will have an interview an hour later at 8:30am Pacific, 10:30am Central, 11:30am Eastern. Those two interviews I'll definitely hear...they air earlier in the day, of course. KDWN is in Las Vegas...I'm sure Harry Reid will become a topic of conversation during the interview. The show's host is Heidi Harris. KSCJ is located in Sioux City, Iowa. Ray will be calling the Open Line program with Randy Renshaw. In both instances you can listen live from their web-site's.

KSCJ radio

KDWN radio

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