February 14, 2011

Ray Stevens and the TSA, Part 4...

Good Valentine's Day morning...I'm not a romantic so I'll jump to the main topic of today's blog entry: Ray Stevens, of course!

Ray called radio station WHO-AM this morning and did an interview with Jan Mickelson. This radio station, located in Iowa, is the #1 talk-radio station in the area. Ray was asked if he were a class-clown while in school and then the conversation turned to C-PAC. Ray commented that he enjoyed being there and was thrilled over the reception that his TSA song had gotten from the audience. The host asked about politics in general and Ray remarked that he has always held what he calls common sense beliefs but it wasn't until decades later that he realized that conservatism mirrored what he saw as common sense approaches to a lot of political and social causes. Mickelson brings up Ross Perot and plays a snippet of "Sucking Sound" and then the conversation switches to You Tube, on-line music, and conventional music buying. Today's episode should be available in the archive section of the host's web-page at some point today so you can hear the actual interview for yourselves.

About an hour before Ray called WHO radio this morning another interview, this one conducted by Christian Toto, surfaced on-line at Big Hollywood, a web-site operated by Andrew Breitbart. This particular interview featured more discussion about the TSA song he's currently promoting and the interviewer commented that a music video to that TSA song, officially called "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore", will be available on You Tube soon. The interview can be found by clicking the Big Hollywood link.

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