February 8, 2011

Ray Stevens new TSA single...

Tuesday, traditionally, is the day new music gets released and today is no exception. I was originally looking for a commercial release last Tuesday but instead we get the opportunity starting today to purchase Ray Stevens new TSA single, "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore". The single, issued as a physical CD, can be found at Ray's web-site store located here. I suppose there will be more publicity surrounding the single's availability as Ray does more radio interviews. According to the product description there will be a video collection released which will include a music video of this song...so far a music video hasn't been uploaded onto You Tube which is where a vast majority of people are discovering Ray's material nowadays. I'm sure an official music video will make it's way onto You Tube, though, and when it does I'll embed it in a future blog post and help spread the video around the internet. The song, for those who haven't been keeping up on Ray's latest happenings, is about the TSA's full body scanning and pat-down procedures at airports.

In the meantime Ray is scheduled to be featured on a satellite radio program on February 9th (Tomorrow!). The program is titled Crusin' with Cousin Brucie and it's a show that spotlights oldies music of the '60s. I don't know if Ray will actually be interviewed or if it's an artist spotlight kind of thing. The program starts at 5pm Eastern and the official site is located here. When a person clicks the Listen Online feature it'll direct you to the SiriusXM sign-up page because with satellite radio being a subscription service it isn't free...unless you choose the 30 day free trial option. Given that the show spotlights pop songs of the '60s I imagine that the host will talk about Ray's early songs and then slip in some information about Ray's recent material.

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